University Games | Flickin Chicken Indoor Outdoor Target Toss Game , The Go Anywhere Game for 2 or More Players Ages 6 and Up



Brand: University Games

Color: Game


  • They bounce, they roll, but can you hit the target with this super fun rubber chicken game?
  • Add Flickin’ Chicken to your collection of kids outdoor toys and games that’s fun for the entire family
  • A twist on cornhole competition, perfect for the backyard, the park, family outings, tailgating, the beach and camping
  • This indoor & outdoor chicken tossing game comes with 4 rubber chickens, 1 target disc and a score pad
  • An outdoor game for kids ages 6 and up, fun for 2 to 4 players

Package Dimensions: 62x291x399

Release Date: 03-03-2023

Details: They bounce, they roll, but can you hit the target? Rubber chicken meets disc golf in this ridiculously fun game featuring nine rounds of chicken throwing insanity. Players each choose a different colored rubber chicken. One player throws the target disc nice and far! The target becomes the “hole”, like in golf, but pay attention to how the target disc lands – one side has a bonus spot, the other side has a penalty spot! Players then take turns flickin’ their chicken at the target. If you don’t make it on the target, throw again from where it landed. Each throw counts as a point. Try to land any part of your rubber chicken on the target within the least amount of throws as possible. The player with the lowest score after nine-rounds is the winner. How do you flick your chicken?

UPC: 689623007704