Standard 2-Pack 16 Gallon Home Yard Garden Bags (D18, H15 inch) with Garden Gloves, Camping Waste Bags,Recycling Bag,Campsite Trash Bags,Laundry Bag,Yard Waste Bags,Lawn Debris Bag,Leaf Bags 4 handles



Brand: Tespher

Color: Green


  • ✅【2-Pack, 16 Gallon Lawn Leaf Bags, Perfect size! Diameter 18″, Height 15″, Home Garden Bags with Waterproof Gardening Gloves】Yard garden bags made from rugged rip-resistant polypropylene fabric. Well-made, Reusable, Versatile leaf tarp bags. Better than other garden bags. Garden leaf bag has maximum Capacity of 16 gallon. It’s great for recycling bags,garage storage bag,laundry bags,camping waste bag,campsite trash bags. Perfect for leaf bag,reusable yard waste bag with waterproof garden gloves
  • ✅【Versatile, Reusable Yard Waste Bags! Well-made, Heavy Duty Garden Bags, Especially Durable and Sturdy Yard Leaf Bags】With its roomy, decent design, excellent quality. Yard garden tarp bags are perfect for leaf bags,yard waste bags,Lawn gardening bags,Beach towels bag,Camping waste bags,Household storage bags,Laundry bags. Each yard garden bag has 4 handles that have been stitched 10-times, Durable and Sturdy! Garden leaf bag packed plastic loop which holds open the upper part of the leaf bag
  • ✅【Very Handy! Standable Garden Leaf Bags with 4 Reinforced Nylon Handles! They can Keep Upright and Stay Opening When filling!】All garden bags is made of 150gsm PP woven fabric which is UV stabilized, tear-resistant and water repellent. Packed with Tespher new package design. Well made, Versatile, Reusable yard waste bags! It makes our yard leaf bags more durable and sturdy than other yard garden bags! Great for leaf bags,garden waste bag,lawn debris bags,camping waste bag,laundry storage bags
  • ✅【Light-weight, Multi-purpose Yard Lawn Gardening Bags for Indoor and Outdoor. Reusable and Sturdy Yard Leaf Bags】Lawn garden bags is made of strong durable polypropylene fabric. Perfect for Leaf bags,Lawn debris,Dead-heading flowers bag,Grass clippings bags,Leaf mulch,Wilted parts,Leaves sticks bag,landscape pruning bags. Also suitable to store toys,separate laundry clutter,camping waste bag,recycling bags. Some even fill them with ice and drinks to provide ice-cold beer when having a barbecue.
  • ✅【Pefect Size, Well-made, Reusable Leaf Bags for Yard Work and Lawn Gardening Jobs! It’s Great for Gardener, Garden Landscaping and Dead-heading Flowers】These garden tarp bags is great for leaf bags,landscape pruning bag,yard debris bags,yard clippings bags,gardening hedge trimmings bags,leaves mulch bag,lawn grass clippings bags,leaves bags,wood chips bag,camping waste bag,campsite trash container for rv trips,laundry toys storage bags,garage storage bags,recycling bag,yard waste clean-up bags.
  • ✅【Package Included 2-Pack 16 Gallons (D18, H15 inches) Lawn Garden Bags Reusable Yard Waste Debris Bags with One Pair Gardening Gloves】Just send us email if any concerns. We will response within 48 Hours.

Package Dimensions: 58x319x431

Details: ✅2 Pack 16 Gallon Lawn Leaf Bags, Size: Diameter 18″, Height 15″ Yard Waste Bags with Gardening Gloves
📢Why Choose us?
Standable, Well-made, Reusable! Better than Other garden bags.
Leaf bag has 4 reinforced handles! 8-size select.
Leaf bags can keep upright and stay open when filling.
Just unfold, Install, and Fill! Very Handy!
Durable, Reusable Leaf Bags Great for Yard,Lawn Garden.

💫2-pack yard waste bags with gardening gloves.

✅Versatile Lawn Garden Bags for
Leaf bag,garden weeds bags
Laundry bag,storage bag,moving house bags
Camping waste bags,campsite trash bags
Reusable yard waste Bags,lawn debris bags,yard clippings bags
Hedge trimmings bag,Lawn grass clippings bags
It’s different from other garden bags!

✅16 Gallon garden bag:
Diameter 18″(45cm),Height 15″(38cm)

Well-made, Sturdy, Durable Lawn Garden Bags with 4 Handles
Tespher manufacture garden products and know what gardeners want.
Quality and service is our first priority.
Leaf tarp bags are made of 4.4oz/yd2 (150g/㎡) polypropylene fabric.
It’s tear resistant and firm enough to full loaded.
Tespher garden leaf bag is sturdy can last for several years.
Note: When not in use, fold it flat for storage.

Easy Set Up, Handy, Stay Upright and Open When Filling
Garden leaf bag with a plastic loop for maximum stability
With it, leaf bag can stay upright and open when you filling it
It makes yard waste clean-up and garden pruning jobs easily
Perfect for yard,camping,household

ECO, Reusable and Versatile Yard Gardening Bags!
Leaf bags are good for all sorts of waste,laundry,recyclables.
Multi-use yard bags! You can fill it with huge capacity of stuff
Like leaves twigs,weeds,grass,campfire kindling and logs
It’s must-have for garden lover

🚚Package include:
2 pack Yard garden bags
1 pair Gardening gloves

UPC: 190835704744