Shovel for Digging 28 In Small Round Shovel with D Handle Kids Metal Beach Shovel,Camp Shovel ,Garden Shovel ,Gardening Tools Wooden Handel, Yellow Wood, 28In



Brand: NC

Color: Yellow


  • Multi-SCENE USE Spades are used as gardening shovel, beach shovel, camping shovel in the field, car shovel, kids snow shovel.
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE Adults can use it to transplant and compost in the planting rack. It can also cut dirt, remove dust and gravel, and fill sandbags. It can work in a small space. Children’s beach shovel can dig at will on the beach and enjoy the holiday fun. It is more durable than plastic.
  • MINI SHOVEL The overall size of the shovel is only 28 inches. It can be placed in the trunk of the car or in the tool box. It will not take up too much space. It is very suitable for use in a narrow space. It is also the best gift for children.
  • D-HANDLE The handle design is ergonomic, which can increase the grip of the hand, and the sleek handle design will not hurt your hands for a long time. Able to complete various tasks more easily.
  • LONG SERVICE LIFE This is a metal shovel. The shovel head is made of cold-rolled steel. The hardness can be effectively improved by high temperature quenching. It will not bend or deform when encountering hard objects during use. The surface of the shovel head is protected by a coating to avoid Rusty.

Package Dimensions: 43x676x771

Details: ROUND POINT SHOVELThe design of the drop-shaped garden shovel is more reasonable,More powerful digging function than flat shovel,The round spade head is suitable for a variety of environments, outdoor construction, garden ditching, transplanting, Jeep shovel etc. SUPER LIGHT WEIGHTITweighs only 2 pounds, so that we will not feel heavy when using this shovel.Children and the elderly, people with disabilities can easily control.NO ASSEMBLY REQUIVEDGarden tools are all produced with advanced automated equipment, and no manual assembly is required to ensure that each shovel will be firmly installed.BUSINESS PHILOSOPHYWe are committed to the production of garden tools, to bring practical, safe and efficient tools to every customer.

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