Portable Weeding Pick Axe for Digging Prospecting Camping Preparing Flower Bed Agriculture Hand Tools Labor-Saving Mattock Hoe




  • Great for Garden projects, vegetable harvesting, preparing flower bed and so on.
  • Strong and comfort rubberized fiberglass handle. Slip-on eye pattern for easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Heat treated and tempered providing high strength and durability. Beveled cutting edge.
  • The weight of the pickaxe makes you easy to dig deep into the driest, ickiest soil. Then you can pry a big clod out of the ground like using the leverage of a hammer to pull out a nail. It prevents the joint stress you get when tugging things out of the ground.
  • The little sled pick and weeding mattock hoe is for ideal for carving out stone and rock in a garden and also to provide holes in for tough terrain to set your foot in if you are climbing .

Package Dimensions: 0x0x0