Lilyvane Crack Weeder, Manual Crevice Weeding Tool Weed Puller with Adjustable Handle for Sidewalk Paver Deck Boards, 14.5 or 29” Long Steel Crack Weeder Crevice Weeding Tool with Metal Handle



Brand: Lilyvane

Color: Black


  • Manganese Steel Blade: Crack weeder with manganese steel blade is much more durable than stainless steel blade. Lasting a longer time without bending or breaking
  • Weeder with Extension Rod: Adjust the handle length of this crack weeder in 15” or 29” by adding or taking out extension. Save your back and knees especially in long times gardening. For weeds difficult to reach
  • Versatile Weeding Tool: This L shaped weeder has many sharpened sides, you can sever weeds using either a pushing, pulling,digging or cutting motion. It can also be used for aerating soil, cutting branches
  • Safe Weeding: The sharpened edges and thin steel blade makes easy work of removing stubborn weeds that grow in hard to reach areas like cracks of the sidewalk,driveway and even wooden deck board without any damage
  • Strong Welding: The handle of this crevice weeding tool is made of premium ash wood provides a comfortable grasp and won’t come off. Hanging hoe in the end of the handle provides a easy organization
  • Easy Storage and Warranty: The plastic case comes with the manual crack weeder provides a safe and clean storage of the garden tool when taken out or not in use. Each crack weeder has 12 month warranty

Package Dimensions: 41x439x349