Jumbo Pong - Giant Yard Pong Game for Outdoor Lawn, Backyard, Camping, Tailgating or Beach - Durable Giant Cups with Indoor/Outdoor Ball and Pump Included



Brand: Jumbo Pong

Color: Red


  • JUMBO PONG DURABLE – Official Jumbo Pong Set made with thick quality plastic buckets, and custom balls. Unlike our cheap competition, we put our heart and soul into creating giant yard games that you, your family, and your friends will want to play over and over again.
  • GAME ON ANYWHERE – Perfect for Backyard games, Tailgate games, Camping games, Beach games, Lawn games, Adult party games, Outdoor games for kids, and Even Indoor games! This Portable Pong Set comes with a Carrying Case to take your A game anywhere.
  • INDOOR OPTION UNLIKE OTHERS – We specially designed our ball to be an indoor / outdoor inflatable ball that imitates the game play feel of a ping pong ball to a red plastic cup. Simply place water or an unopened can to weigh down the buckets and Game On.
  • FUN FOR ALL AGES – Great for Outdoor games for adults and family. Teach your kids, and family how to play the adult games you grew up loving! Instructions and fun games HOUSE RULES included. 12 Large 9 inch tall bucket and 2 custom 3 inch ball included.
  • LIFETIME HAPPINESS – We truly designed this game with YOU in mind. If for some wild reason you aren’t completley happy and loving our giant pong game, or wouldn’t give it as a Christmas Gift, then we made a Jumbo mistake. Let us know and we will make it right.

Package Dimensions: 202x447x3019

Details: 3 Reasons Why You NEED This GAME
•>•> 1. Show your Family and Friends how to play the game you dominated in your college years!
•>•> 2. Be the Life of the Party! When you bring out this game, everyone will ask where you got it and want to play!
•>•> 3. This makes THE PERFECT GIFT. This is not a gift you give someone and they pretend to be surprised. They will genuinely light up when they open it and see what it is.

UPC: 196852310067