Garden Shovel - 41” Long Handle - Heavy Duty Trenching Digging Shovel, Garden Spade, Round Metal Shovels for Gardening,Round Shovel Digging, Large D Handel, Beach Shovel, Car Snow Shovel



Brand: Lilyvane

Color: Black


  • Mid Sized Shovel: The overall length of the round shovel is 41 inches, sharp shovel blade in 10.5” high and 8.5” wide makes it a sturdy and balanced shovel in digging yard work and opening trenches
  • Heavy Duty Garden Shovel: Both the spade and handle is made of strong steel and coated with rust resistant powder. There are helpful footholds on the top of the blade so you can put your weight on it to dig. No falling apart or breaking unless it’s completely abused
  • Multifunctional Garden Shovel: This handy all around spade holds up through a season of gardening, perfect for trenching, transplanting, for moving compost, digging, cutting great plugs out of the ground for treasure searching
  • Ergonomic Handle: The shovel is very comfortable to use with the padded grips and large curved D handle – enough space for gloved hands. The shovel handle and grips are perfect for making digging a little bit easier
  • For Emergencies: With easy assembly and collapsible design, this digging shovel is small enough to fit in your trunk or backseat in case of an emergency when it’s snowing or get stuck somewhere

Package Dimensions: 99x434x1503